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Low carb chocolate chip cookies.

I’m always trying to find lower-carb options to make for meals and snacks. We believe the lower carb Luke eats, the steadier his sugars. (Although we certainly don’t ban all carbs from him!) My husband also tries to stick to a ketogenic diet. I truly think eating less carbs would be beneficial to me, as well. However, it’s HARD when you crave baked goods and Doritos now and then!

So when I saw these Coconut Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies I knew I had to try them! We made some low carb peanut butter cookies awhile back. Joel and Luke absolutely loved them. I didn’t think they were too bad, but they definitely had the “sugar substitute after taste” for me.

This recipe calls for some weird ingredients, like Stevia, Truvia, Swerve, xanthan gum, and of course coconut flour, so it’s definitely something you’ll need to plan for. Even the household ingredients have preparations- room temperature milk & eggs and melted butter or coconut oil. (I am impatient and didn’t really wait until the milk and eggs were at room temperature and it worked okay.)

coconut flour cookies2

Don’t forget to let the dough sit for about ten minutes before forming them into cookies. And they won’t naturally spread out so you have to smash them.

coconut flour cookies

As soon as these cookies were cool enough to handle, Luke and I had to have one. Luke took his first bite and said, “Mmmmmm!” and gobbled the thing down. I took a bite… and another… they’re pretty good! Yes, there is still a slight sugar substitute aftertaste, but not nearly as bad as I remember being in the peanut butter cookies. I would eat a second!

The best news is each cookie is just under 7 carbs! One cookie is a freebie snack for Luke! Two cookies would be a perfect bedtime snack.

Luke gives them two thumbs up… but did not want his picture taken today. So, this will have to do.


Where we found the ingredients: Truvia & Stevia- Meijer, xanthan gum & Swerve- Amazon, coconut flour- Trader Joe’s

I used Fairlife 2% milk instead of the almond milk and milk chocolate chips because Luke does not like dark chocolate.

*Amazon affiliate links.



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