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Mission: Impossible.

Like I said in my previous post, Luke had another amazing endo appointment this month. The biggest change the doctor wants us to make is for Luke to eat more. I chalked his skinniness up to being a swimmer and having practices five days a week for one and a half hours each. And, that very… Continue reading Mission: Impossible.

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Low carb chocolate chip cookies.

I’m always trying to find lower-carb options to make for meals and snacks. We believe the lower carb Luke eats, the steadier his sugars. (Although we certainly don’t ban all carbs from him!) My husband also tries to stick to a ketogenic diet. I truly think eating less carbs would be beneficial to me, as well. However, it’s… Continue reading Low carb chocolate chip cookies.

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More low-to-no carb snack favorites.

Last December, I posted a few of Luke’s “zero snacks.” These are snacks that he can usually eat without bolusing because they are either low carb or don’t have carbs at all. As you can imagine, eating the same low carb foods over and over can get old. So we are always looking for new ideas… Continue reading More low-to-no carb snack favorites.

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Low carb pasta anyone?

Luke is an absolute pasta lover. Unfortunately, regular pasta is one of the foods that cause major spikes in his blood sugar. Shortly after diagnosis, I found Carba-Nada Pasta at Meijer. There are only 24g of carbs in 1/5 of the bag! It’s pretty tasty, too! Speaking of pretty tasty, I found an amazing recipe for Lemon… Continue reading Low carb pasta anyone?