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Even if.

You may have heard the song “Even If” by Mercy Me. It’s a favorite of many and is often finding it’s way to me via the local radio airwaves. What you may not know is the story behind the song. Listen… “I know what [God’s] capable of… and even if He doesn’t come through, He’s… Continue reading Even if.

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You forgot your arm. (And here’s a cool app, too.)

If you have seen Luke anywhere in public, you probably noticed that he carries a sling bag with him at all times. In this bag is everything he needs to take care of his blood sugar. His meter that checks to see what his blood glucose level is, candy to eat when his sugar is… Continue reading You forgot your arm. (And here’s a cool app, too.)

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Why this blog has been quiet.

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve typed up a “real” blog post! There are a couple of reasons why… For one, we live a pretty uneventful life. Our summer has been a combination of moving to a new house and balancing teacher trainings, teaching summer school, and teaching homebound while Luke continues to… Continue reading Why this blog has been quiet.

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It’s summertime!

I remember almost two years ago when Luke was first diagnosed. I was so nervous to let him do anything. I was the epitome of a helicopter mom. But I let him be a kid. The first few times he went to youth group, there I was in the parking lot, phone in hand for when he calls to tell me he needs me to come and rescue him from low blood sugar. (That never happened, by the way.)

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Six Flags and diabetes.

Luke went to Six Flags last weekend. He’s only been to a major amusement park once before, on a family vacation years ago and long before he was diagnosed with Type 1. This time it was a field trip with the orchestra. And this mama wasn’t going along. Yes, Joel was a chaperone, which I… Continue reading Six Flags and diabetes.

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Review: Genteel Lancing Device, plus get $15.00 off

We are so excited to do a review of the Genteel Lancing Device! We have heard over and over about how wonderful this device is for sore & worn-out fingers. We wondered if it was really worth the price… so Luke tested it to find out! Is the Genteel really painless? The Genteel is most… Continue reading Review: Genteel Lancing Device, plus get $15.00 off

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The perfect storm.

We have a rule at our house. If Luke is home alone, he cannot scooter. Recently, I’ve been rethinking this. He’s 13 now. Very responsible. It should be okay, right? Well, today I’m grateful that we haven’t changed the rule yet. Today is the day that proved that our rule is still a rule… and… Continue reading The perfect storm.