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Paging Dr. Luke.

Throughout most of elementary school, Luke wanted to be a teacher. He also wanted to co-own a board game store with his dad. In 5th grade, after he realized he couldn’t be a teacher AND go to Notre Dame, he decided he wanted to be an architect. He was really excited when he heard the architect… Continue reading Paging Dr. Luke.

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Party like it’s Christmas 2015.

Today we conquered our first day of school Christmas parties since being diagnosed. I’d give ourselves an A. Scratch that, I’d give Luke an A. I had absolutely nothing to do with it. I texted Luke when school first started and told him to text me if he needed help calculating any carbs at his… Continue reading Party like it’s Christmas 2015.

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We survived our first sick day.

At our last appointment with our diabetic educator, we went through the ins and outs of a sick day. Sick days look completely different when you are a Type 1. There are many precautions we have to take and things we have to keep a close eye on. Sugars can go crazy high or crazy… Continue reading We survived our first sick day.

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A dex graph & middle of the night lows.

I will often post screen shots of the Follow app for Luke’s Dexcom. I thought maybe I would kind of explain what it means. Earlier I introduced you to Dex. Dex is Luke’s continuous glucose monitor (cgm). And he is pretty much my T1D BFF because he alerts me to Luke’s highs and lows, even… Continue reading A dex graph & middle of the night lows.

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Down 9.7 points.

When you are diabetic, you learn to speak a whole new language. I remember when we were first diagnosed, a friend & fellow T1D mom asked me what his A1c was. His A1-what? I learned later that an A1c is a number given to you, using an average of the last 2-3 months of blood sugar… Continue reading Down 9.7 points.

A new norm · Proud mom moments · T1D technology

We’re pumped.

We have been looking forward to November. November is the magic month where we get to switch over to an insulin pump. At our last diabetic education appointment, we sat down and looked at our different pump options. Luke really likes the t:slim. He loves the touch screen and the fact that it looks like an… Continue reading We’re pumped.

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First day of school.

Luke started junior high today. He isn’t normally nervous for the first day of school. Today? He was. Not only is he going to a new school, one where his mom isn’t right down the hall, but he is going to school for the first time with T1D. There were a lot of uncertainties for… Continue reading First day of school.

Proud mom moments


Luke registered for the kids’ triathlon before he was diagnosed. He still wanted to participate. He makes me proud.