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You know you’re a T1D mom when…

You know you’re a T1D mom when… *you carry a bag, not a purse. *you’ve always got juice and/or candy on your being. *you wear a smart watch, but the numbers on your watchface don’t represent the time. *people wonder why you are constantly checking your phone and/or “the time.” *you know how many carbs… Continue reading You know you’re a T1D mom when…


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Spring forward!

It never occurred to me that we would need to change all. the. things. Scratch that one up to being a T1D newb. So for all of you other newbies out there, here’s your reminder, too! P.S. “Consider changing your lancet.” Ha ha ha ha!

A new norm · Everyday life.

No power.

Last week we had some crazy strong winds, strong enough to issue a wind advisory. The advisory said gusts could get up to 45 mph. Rumor has it, they were up to 69 mph in Chicago, which is only a couple of hours west of us. I didn’t leave school until about 5 p.m. By… Continue reading No power.

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Warning: shameless mom-brag inside.

Luke had his quarterly endocrinologist appointment yesterday. At his last appointment, his A1c was 5.0%. A typical goal for a T1D’s A1c is 7.0%. We were certain his A1c would be up a little bit- maybe to a 6.0% or so- because we feel like we’ve had less control than before. We thought maybe we had… Continue reading Warning: shameless mom-brag inside.

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Kind of waterproof, thank goodness.

Luke is a preteen in every sense of the word. This is the first year he is at a school without his mom in the same building. For six years, kindergarten through fifth grade, I knew nearly every special event or activity he was going to need money for. I knew when he needed to bring… Continue reading Kind of waterproof, thank goodness.

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Just keep swimming.

Luke loves swimming. In fact, he’s debating whether or not to go out for the middle school swim team next week. (I’m nudging him in the “DO IT!!!” direction.) Anytime we have a hotel stay, we have to make sure it has a pool. Preferably indoor, especially when it’s not summertime. A couple of weeks… Continue reading Just keep swimming.

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For the first time, Luke forgot he was diabetic. We were at Burger King, getting our lunch. He went to fill up his drink at the soda fountain. He placed his cup under the Hi-C Orange, his former drink of choice at most fast food restaurants. “Wait! You can’t do that!” I said, laughing. At… Continue reading Oops.

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How it’s going to be.

The other night we had Culver’s for dinner. I had a coupon, so I let Luke get a Concrete Mixer with dinner. He’s had one before, since diagnosis. No biggie. We’ll just bolus* for it. A few hours pass and we seemed to have done pretty well with our carb-counting and bolusing. Luke’s blood sugar remained… Continue reading How it’s going to be.

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The bag.

If you ever see Luke outside of our house, you will probably notice the sling bag he has strapped to his self. When he was first diagnosed, he absolutely had to carry this bag. It held his insulin pens & pen needles, his meter & test strips, alcohol wipes, glucagon, and candy/juice to treat a… Continue reading The bag.

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Still a kid.

Being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 11 made Luke grow up pretty quickly in some ways. He has to constantly pay attention to how he’s feeling to detect highs and lows. He has to keep track of all of his devices- his phone, his Dex receiver, his bag of supplies. (This has been… Continue reading Still a kid.