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Always have a plan.

It wasn’t that long ago I said to Joel, “We should have backup insulin just in case Luke’s pump ever stops working.” When I said that, I didn’t expect us to need that backup plan so soon! Yesterday, just before dinner, Luke pulled out his pump to bolus for the sandwich Joel made him. I… Continue reading Always have a plan.


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Another great checkup!

Luke continues to take great care of himself! At his quarterly checkup earlier this week, the biggest advice from the endo was for him to… EAT MORE! (Obviously, she’s not paying the grocery bill.) Other than that, he is still doing amazingly well. It’s been a year and a half since his diagnosis and they tell us… Continue reading Another great checkup!

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Happy 2017!

It’s been a little quiet over here at the blog. It’s been so for a few reasons… life has gotten busy. Luke has decided he wants to now approve what I put on the blog (and I don’t blame him). And I really haven’t had much to say. T1 has officially become a norm here,… Continue reading Happy 2017!

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Holiday shopping & helping a cause…

Have you started your Christmas shopping, yet? Do you do a lot of your shopping online? If you’re like me, my go-to for non-local shopping is Amazon. Did you know you can shop Amazon and have part of the proceeds donated to a non-profit of your choice? If you log into Amazon through, you… Continue reading Holiday shopping & helping a cause…

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Showing awareness.

Today I’m wearing this. My fancy version of “love is greater than highs and lows” from KEEP Collective, a couple of Pura Vida bracelets, and another of my MudLOVE bands, a reminder to live life to the fullest.

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It’s National Diabetes Awareness Month!

My plan is to post T1D awareness facts and information over on our Luke’s Lifesavers Facebook page… come over and like us! In the meantime, here’s an interesting graphic I found from The Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. Eighty people a day!? Holy cow! My question is if Type 1 Diabetes is becoming more common… Continue reading It’s National Diabetes Awareness Month!

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Three ways to help a family who was just diagnosed.

I have had several people contact me to tell me about a friend or relative that was just diagnosed. They almost always ask the best way they can help. I usually have three suggestions. Be available. When we were diagnosed, we had so many visitors come up to see us. We were forever asking the staff for more… Continue reading Three ways to help a family who was just diagnosed.

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Vision check.

At Luke’s last endo appointment, the doctor recommended that Luke start getting regular eye exams. I think she may have told me the same thing two times ago, but I completely forgot. So, he had his first eye exam today. We met the eye doctor for the first time today, as well…  he seems like a man… Continue reading Vision check.

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Let’s talk insulin costs.

Sometimes I forget that all of the information I read in the Type 1 Facebook groups I’m in isn’t known by the general public. So, let’s talk insulin. Before we get into the cost specifics, let’s get a little background knowledge about insulin. First of all, what exactly is insulin? In a non-diabetic, insulin is… Continue reading Let’s talk insulin costs.

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We’re coming into the home stretch!

I cannot believe it’s September already! September means pumpkin pie blizzards at DQ, salted caramel hot cocoa at Starbucks, pumpkin spice lattes at Dunkin’ Donuts and… the Michiana JDRF One Walk!!! We are 69% of the way to making our goal of $2500.00 and still have a good ways to go! We have been working so hard to… Continue reading We’re coming into the home stretch!