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Product Review: Expressionmed and a GIVEAWAY!

Hi my blog friends! We have been so crazy busy lately, there seems to be no time for blogging anymore. However, I wanted to make time to share with you a new business! Expressionmed is a brand new company founded by a college student named Meghan Sharkus. She has created a 7-day waterproof solution for Dexcoms… Continue reading Product Review: Expressionmed and a GIVEAWAY!

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Mission: Impossible.

Like I said in my previous post, Luke had another amazing endo appointment this month. The biggest change the doctor wants us to make is for Luke to eat more. I chalked his skinniness up to being a swimmer and having practices five days a week for one and a half hours each. And, that very… Continue reading Mission: Impossible.

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Fall back!

Don’t forget to not only turn your clocks back, but your pump and meters, too! Enjoy your extra hour of sleep!

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Three ways to help a family who was just diagnosed.

I have had several people contact me to tell me about a friend or relative that was just diagnosed. They almost always ask the best way they can help. I usually have three suggestions. Be available. When we were diagnosed, we had so many visitors come up to see us. We were forever asking the staff for more… Continue reading Three ways to help a family who was just diagnosed.

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Exercise & blood sugar.

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you’ll know that Luke swims. He’s on the middle school swim team for the months of February & March. And in the “off season,” he participates in a swim club. He had a little over a month break between the summer and the fall seasons. Over Labor… Continue reading Exercise & blood sugar.

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Vision check.

At Luke’s last endo appointment, the doctor recommended that Luke start getting regular eye exams. I think she may have told me the same thing two times ago, but I completely forgot. So, he had his first eye exam today. We met the eye doctor for the first time today, as well…  he seems like a man… Continue reading Vision check.

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Unsolved mysteries.

So far, we’re pretty okay with endo days. We get a day off of school. We go out for lunch. And, we always get to baffle the endo. As most of you know, Luke was diagnosed over a year ago- in June 2015. His A1c was high, of course. I can’t remember exactly what it… Continue reading Unsolved mysteries.