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The glucagon.

This is a glucagon emergency kit. A glucagon kit is an emergency kit for diabetics’ extreme lows. A low so extreme he/she is unconscious. We have never had to use one of these. I hope and pray we will never have to use one in the future. Inside the kit is a mixture of concentrated… Continue reading The glucagon.


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Easter candy raid!

Pre-2016, the words “Easter candy raid” meant something way different than it does now. We would put Luke to bed and then we would raid his Easter basket for the candy we wanted. (I’d usually dig out the red and black jelly beans.) Now, however, it means I hit up the local Walgreens and raid… Continue reading Easter candy raid!

Everyday life.

Well that came on suddenly…

4:45 p.m. “Luke, Dex says you’re low. Finger prick and treat if you need to.” He’s 146. False alarm. 5:30 p.m. “Pizza’s here!” Pizza usually helps keep that blood sugar up… sometimes too far up. After eating & “insulating,” he stayed in range. 6:15 p.m. Luke goes outside and comes right back in to test. “Um,… Continue reading Well that came on suddenly…

Everyday life.


We have a love-hate relationship with pizza. Nearly every time Luke eats pizza, he has a major spike. Even if we bolus to the T. Even if he does insulin 15 minutes prior to eating. And it’s usually a late spike- sometimes 2-3 hours after he’s eaten it. Enter swim practice. Starting this week, Luke… Continue reading Experimenting.

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What do you mean he’s high?

Today’s vocabulary words are: high & low When a diabetic, whether a type 1 or a type 2, is talking about being high or low, they are referring to his/her blood sugar. Most diabetics are given a target range where their sugar should be. For Luke, this range is 70-150 right now. We will eventually… Continue reading What do you mean he’s high?

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Things we learned today.

Luke and I learned many things today. Well, maybe I should say many of the things we already knew were confirmed today. Luke learned if he is low and he doesn’t respond to my texts, I will keep texting- and maybe even call him, even if he’s at school. I learned that Luke does not respond… Continue reading Things we learned today.

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How it’s going to be.

The other night we had Culver’s for dinner. I had a coupon, so I let Luke get a Concrete Mixer with dinner. He’s had one before, since diagnosis. No biggie. We’ll just bolus* for it. A few hours pass and we seemed to have done pretty well with our carb-counting and bolusing. Luke’s blood sugar remained… Continue reading How it’s going to be.

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Big ol’ needle.

Luke came to us a few nights ago for more adhesive to hold his Dex sensor onto his arm. We usually get a minimum of two weeks out of the sensor. Some people can get two MONTHS. Someday, hopefully. Anyway, Joel went to take the old adhesive off & his sensor just. fell. off. Tears… Continue reading Big ol’ needle.

A new norm · Everyday life.

It’s a wild, unpredictable ride.

Yesterday was the first day I felt confused and helpless when it comes to T1D. Most days, Luke’s blood sugar levels are even and steady. If he goes out of range at all, it’s just outside the lines and right after a meal. Yesterday, however, it was a crazy, twisty, hilly rollercoaster. We hit over… Continue reading It’s a wild, unpredictable ride.