Friday night pizza & Oreo review: Volcano Pizza

Week two of our new family tradition, we wanted to order Mancino’s, but they wouldn’t answer their phone to place an order. So, we called Volcano Pizza. I’ve never had pizza from this place before. Here are the official unofficial results: As you can see, we weren’t really a fan. We got whatever their version… Continue reading Friday night pizza & Oreo review: Volcano Pizza


Friday night pizza and Oreo review: Paesello’s & lemon thins.

Last week we started a new Friday night tradition- pizza and Oreos. We plan to try a different pizza place and a different flavor of Oreos each week. After dinner, we will rate the pizza and the Oreos… and, just for fun, track blood sugars before and after eating. Our first pizza place for review… Continue reading Friday night pizza and Oreo review: Paesello’s & lemon thins.


Some days are just lucky.

Normally, when Luke is doing something new & exciting (and a little bit stressful) like camp, the first day of school or a birthday party, his sugars go crazy. High, low, low, low, high… there is no figuring out why it’s crazy or how to fix it. So when we went out on the boat… Continue reading Some days are just lucky.

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If you haven’t heard of PokemonGo by now, perhaps you have been out of the country these past few weeks. This is an ingenious game by Nintendo combining an all-time fave of many, Pokemon, with exercise, socializing, and even family time! It’s brilliant! When the weather isn’t too hot, the three of us are out… Continue reading PokemonGO.

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Step by step, it’s eatin’ time.

Before June 13, 2015, at dinner time we would fill our plates or grab a snack and start eating. Now, it takes a little more effort before we can eat. As you all probably know by now, we don’t limit Luke when it comes to carbs. He eats anything he ate before diagnosis. He eats anything that… Continue reading Step by step, it’s eatin’ time.

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Poking Fun at Diabetes

During my giveaway, DeeDee Diabetic contacted me and offered a copy of her book as an additional prize. I was already grateful, but she also wanted to send one to Luke! How sweet is that?! Luke’s copy of Poking Fun at Diabetes arrived yesterday. Today we got to sit down and read it. Oh my word! We… Continue reading Poking Fun at Diabetes

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Mourning into dancing.

I’ve already mentioned the fact that now, more than ever, I am loving Facebook’s memories every morning. Last week and on Luke’s diaversary, the things that popped up on my wall were a little scary… a little sad. Today, though? I looked through today’s photos and had joy. I feel like I’m a little weird, looking back… Continue reading Mourning into dancing.